About Us

Migo offers adult smokers an alternative through an e-cigarette that is easy to use at a fair price. With KWIQ Migo offers an alternative that needs no explanation and does not require charging. KWIQ is simply ready to use.

Migo's Pre-Filled Pods are designed for users who don't mind recharging the e-cigarette and want to easily switch between flavours.

The most economical option are the refillable Pods in combination with Migo's E-liquid which allows you to reuse the Pods several times by refilling them yourself.

The E-liquid used in all of Migo's e-cigarettes is based on a new, highly effective nicotine formula called Nic-Salt. This formulation is absorbed faster and feels softer in the throat.

Migo is a young, innovative and progressive company with a mission. Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to a working alternative to traditional smoking. Our team (all ex-smokers), active in the market of electronic smoking since 2015, do everything to bring you the ideal replacement on the market which comes as close as possible to a traditional cigarette.

We are proud to say that our (growing) team has a wide range of specialties which allows us to facilitate everything ourselves. For example, the production of the E-liquid, the development of the hardware (not manufacturing), all designs, website and logistical processes are taken care of in-house.


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